Who We Are

Membership in this association requires an independent assessment of the individual’s competence in a variety of areas that are key to the effective design of instruction. That means that membership is a credential – it means something, and helps to ensure that the work being done reflect the qualities that are important in an instructional designer.

We come from a wide variety of industries and  are proud of our association. We strive to remain current in the field, to promote the role of instructional designers in the development of learning environments, and to support each other in our profession.

We offer regular workshops and other professional development opportunities to enable instructional designers from all areas to continue to build their skills and stay up to date with best practices in an ever-changing world.

From the Association By-Laws

4.1 Mission of the Association

Strengthen the capacity to act and undertake designers and instructional designers by promoting their development and promoting the profession in the different environments in which it is exercised.

4.2 Objectives of the Association

The Association’s main objectives and activities are as follows:

4.2.1 To form an association of all Canadian instructional designers, regardless of academic setting and field of practice;

4.2.2 To sustain the progress of instructional design through study, research, information-sharing, professional development, promotion, exchanges, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.;

4.2.3 To protect learners by assessing the members’ skills and the quality of instructional design activities;

4.2.4 To promote the role of instructional designers in the development of learning environments;

4.2.5 To protect the members’ interests.

(source: ACCP-CAID bylaws)