Message from the President

Welcome to the website of the Canadian Association of Instructional Designers (ACCP-CAID).  Whether you are a Certified Member of the Association, an instructional designer curious about membership, or an individual, institution or employer interested in learning more about ACCP-CAID and our Competencies for Instructional Designers, I hope that you will find these pages informative and responsive to the reasons for your visit.

Since 2011, ACCP-CAID has sought to empower certified instructional designers to be leaders in our field by supporting their development and promoting the profession within the various environments in which it is practiced across Canada.

We, as an Association function and advance our mission and objectives only in so far as we continue, as a voluntary community of professionals, freely assemble and commit to the advancement of both.

The participation of our membership in the activities of the Association is therefore crucial to our work promoting the profession of, and excellence in, instructional design; and is based on our collective interest in the quality of the work carried out in our field.

As our digital economy becomes increasing complex, upskilling, and reskilling will remain a key concern for individuals, institutions, and industries.  Instructional designers play a leading role in ensuring the efficacy of learning solutions in addressing these current and future needs, by which we contribute to the advancement of workforce capabilities.

As instructional designers, we apply research and evidence-based leading practice and principles from learning theory, design, systems-thinking, and an understanding of – and ability to leverage – the features and functions of technology in the delivery of educational experiences.  As an Association, ACCP-CAID has, since its inception, been sought out by institutions of higher education, as well as national and international associations for exchange, collaboration, and the validation of instructional design capabilities and courses.

Today, we continue that advisory role, while continuing to foster trust in the quality of work delivered by our Certified Members, through our Competencies and rigorous Certification requirements.

Committed to the continuous improvement of member value and experience, we are embarking on a journey to modernize our technology and inform strategic initiatives by listening closely to the voice of our membership.  I encourage our members – past or present – to continue a constructive dialogue as a community, to enable us to grow, evolve, and adapt to the current and future changes and challenges of our practice.

On behalf of the Board and the Association, thank you for your interest and/or support of ACCP-CAID.

For more information or to connect with us, please contact us at

Nathan Walsh, President

Listed below are the email addresses where you can direct your inquiry.

Joining the ACCP-CAID is a two step process:

  1. Submit an Application form and documents as required for review. Specific information about the portfolio is available on the Certification page
  2. Pay a $40 non-refundable application and assessment fee

If the assessment concludes you meet the standard, you will be invited to join the organization. You will be required to pay a $90 annual membership fee. Upon doing so you will receive your ACCP-CAID Certificate and Seal that shows your acceptance into the organization.

To remain in good standing in ACCP-CAID, shortly before the anniversary of your initial membership, you will be required to demonstrate currency in your practice and pay the annual membership fee of $90. There is a short grace period if you are late in your renewal. Upon renewal, you will receive an updated Seal. You may also choose to downgrade your membership to Alumni. This enables you to maintain some connection with the organization, but not provide annual skills updates, nor receive the annual Seal.