Devenir membre



"CAID member"

By becoming a CAID member, you obtain professional certification. Once your membership is approved, you can use the formula "CAID member" with your signature. This means that the Association attests that you have acquired the competency levels set out in CAID’s Instructional Design Competencies document.


The competencies outlined in the Instructional Design Competencies document were developed in large part from the list of competencies recognized by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (IBSTPI). Additions and clarifications were made to reflect the profession as it is practised in the Canadian context. The list of competencies is also based on research and consultations with various experts in the field.

Work Experience

To be admitted, candidates must have worked as an instructional designer in the five years leading up to their membership application or renewal. Many job titles may be applicable: instructional designer, educational consultant, educational technologist, training consultant, etc.

Note: See the section entitled “Instruction Design” for a description of the basic duties of the profession.