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Membership Dues

Annual Dues

Dues are payable by November 1 of each year.

Dues for 2019–2020

The annual membership dues for 2019–2020 have been set at $90.

Dues for New Members

Note: Dues for new members are calculated on a prorated basis as follows, depending on the date of receipt of the application:

November, December, January: $90
February, March, April: $70
May, June, July, August: $50
September, October: $90 (valid for 13 or 14 months)


Dues must be paid annually. To renew your membership, simply fill out the form and mail it to the Association with your payment. You must also provide the documents listed in section "f" and, if necessary, section "e" of Article 5.2 of the General Regulations (see “Conditions of Membership”).

Click here for the renewal form.