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Apply to Becoming a member

Before filling out your application, please read this section carefully.
Fill out the membership application form corresponding to your preferred option (see “Becoming a Member”).

Attach all required documents (see “Conditions of Membership” below) and any explanatory information that may be required (please be brief).

To accelerate and simplify the processing of your application, we strongly advise you to submit it electronically. Scan and email all your documents, and then mail your cheque to the address provided (see section entitled “Payment”). You can also pay through PayPal.

Your application is complete once you have:

  • demonstrated that you have acquired the competencies outlined in the Instructional Design Competencies document,
  • paid the non-refundable fee of $40,
  • paid the CSTD portfolio assessment fee (if applicable),
  • and paid your annual membership dues.

Training optionTraining option procedure

Portfolio optionPortfolio option procedure

Training Option Procedure

To apply, complete the appropriate form and send it to the address indicated. The form must be accompanied by all required documents (i.e., send everything at the same time).

Your application must include:

- any diplomas and transcripts that clearly show that you have acquired all the instructional design competencies. You may want to fill out the template below and attach it to your application to help the committee better identify the relevant training;

- and a copy of your résumé, demonstrating your work experience in instructional design.

For the general application form, click here.

Portfolio Option Procedure

To request certification based on prior experience, please fill out form below and send it to the address indicated ( along with payment for related fees ($40) and a copy of your CTDP certificate (consult the Membership section, Work Experience option for the exact title of required certification).

You must also meet CAID’s membership requirements (see below).

After the CAID has received all required documentation and confirmed its legitimacy, you will be asked to complete your application and pay membership fees.

To access the form, click here.


Conditions of Membership

To be eligible for certification, candidates must:

a) hold a graduate degree from a Canadian university in Educational Technology or a combination of Canadian training recognized by the Association. Equivalent foreign degrees or training may also be recognized;


b) demonstrate mastery of the instructional design competencies outlined in the Association’s Instructional Design Competencies document. (…)

and (...)

e) have been working in the field of instructional design in the five years preceding membership.

f) have participated in at least one professional development activity (e.g., symposiums, conferences, specialized workshops, certificates, university courses, etc.) related to one or more of the competencies listed in the Instructional Design Competencies document in the year prior to joining CAID, and continue participating in such activities every subsequent year.

g) have paid their annual dues.

Based on Article 5.3 of the General Regulations, Conditions for Membership

Assessment of Applications

Upon receiving your membership application and your payment of $40, the CAID assessment committee will review your file. If your application is accepted, $40 will be deducted from your membership dues for the year in progress. (The application fee will not be refunded if your application is denied.)

If required, checks may be made with the institutions indicated in your application. Response times may vary depending on the length of enquiries and checks to be performed.