Classes de maitre

Master Class

Call for presentation of master classes

Master classes are highly specialized courses designed to enable educational technology specialists to acquire advanced skills that can be applied directly in their professional activities.

Proposals for non-members must be approved by the Activities Committee.


For master classes, financial compensation is awarded to the presenter on the following scale:

Up to 7 participants : $ 250
8 to 11 participants : $ 300
12 to 15 participants : $ 350
15 participants and more: $ 350 plus $ 15 per participant beyond 15

Subject: The topics presented must be related to educational technology and correspond to the description for a master classes (see above) .

Time: The date of presentation of master classes will be established in consultation with the presenter. Please note however that classes should not conflict with the schedule of workshops.

Tools: The presentation will be by webinar, but other tools can be used in parallel depending on need and the available resources at CAID (e.g. forum, blog, networking tool, LMS).

Language: The master classes are presented in the language of the presenter only. If you want a bilingual presentation, special conditions apply.

Deadline to submit a proposal: A proposal may be made at any time, but must include a minimum of four months of preparation.

To submit a proposal, please use the form: click here.

Send your proposal to :