Instructional Design

Instructional Designer

Instructional designers perform the necessary analyses of a training project by utilizing the educational technologies. The designers ensure that the development project is carried out smoothly and effectively from start to finish. From the instructional perspective, they play a pivotal role in relation to: determining the learning event network (learning system); choosing the media; developing the guides content (guide, instructions, directives, etc.); supervising the instructional content development; coordinating the different parties involved in the project, and; developing the learning evaluation tools. They also secure the design of the instructional materials and the validation of mediatized content from the educational viewpoint.

As well, the instructional designer participates in the implementation of the learning system, together with the technical team, to ensure that the technical production is adequate and complies with the design.

The designer is also responsible for producing the instructors’ support tools related to the training project, developing all the required documentation relating to the learning system for the purpose of allowing the instructors to utilize the documentation optimally, as well as updating and developing the exhaustive instructional and technical description of the learning system. The designer also performs periodical and timely follow-ups.

Finally, the instructional designer ensures, within agreed timeframes, that the learning system and related guides are up-to-date and that the system is evaluated to make sure it is constantly effective from the educational viewpoint.


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